Friday, October 12, 2018

Afghan Parts

 All the parts for the colorful Afghan are finished, with the exception of 12 feet of 3 inch trim.

Blocking was challenging, but I took care with the steam iron and didn't let it rest on the fibers for very long. I mostly hovered above it, afraid to scorch the few man-made fibers in the yarn.

I draped the panels over a card table while sewing them together. Each panel is 54 inches by 68 inches, so when trimmed and finished, it will be 5 x 7 feet, the biggest knitted item I've ever made.

To the right, the afghan is spread out on tables at my friend, Anne's studio. She was kind enough to let me spread it out flat for measuring. (You can't get much of a measurement while draping it over the bed or a table.)

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