Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine Greetings

Little is known of the early Saints Valentine (I hear there were at least eleven), but some 18th century historians believed Valentines Day was invented by the holy Christian fathers to supersede yet another pagan holiday, Lupercalia, which, on the Ides of February, purified the city and its people of evil by sacrificing a goat or dog, among other unsavory rituals. One article reports a certain Valentine to have burned at the stake on February 14th. Nice. Others say Geoffrey Chaucer thought up Valentines Day in the 1300s for his book, Parlement of Foules, making the feast day of February 14 special for lovers.

Whatever. I have been hand-making Valentine cards since the third grade, when I could fit all materials, including small blunt plastic scissors, into a shoe box with my paper dolls.

Wow. Studio in a Shoebox! In the third grade! Maybe that was the real beginning.
Since a small child, hearts and echinacea flowers have been my symbols. I have doodled the echinacea during arithmetic class, Geometry, in meetings, while on the phone. I test new pads of drawing paper by drawing this echinacea on the first page.

But hearts… hearts symbolize everything important to me: that relationships are everything, that God is Love and versa visa,* that communicating love enhances all relationships thereby making the world a better place.

My creative communications heroine is Alyson Kuhn of Carmel, San Francisco and the globe, who travels about her world sharing with others the art of communication. By mail. Snail Mail. You know, with paper and everything. Paper, pens, related stamps, little surprises inside, and sentiments straight from the heart.

Which takes us back to Valentines and greeting cards in general. Valentines, Thank you notes, condolences, love notes, get well cards.

Create Your Love Note Kit

In my 2018 GB’s Love Note kit, situated on the counter for easy access. This kit does not fit into a shoebox.

Envelope template and many 4x6 envelopes cut from colorful magazines, gift papers and sheet music (Use label for address.)

Scissors (sharper)
Double Stick and Magic Tape
construction paper
heart-shaped patterns
magazine cut outs
Hot Glue Sticks and Glue Gun
Gold leaf
40 Rubber Stamps & stamp pads

Card stock in colors and high quality papers for the cards, cut to 4x6 and fold-able 8x6
Handy paper cutter for above
Bone folders
Tiny photos, cards and items to slip into envelopes
Extra stamps of relevant sameness (old postage, etc.)

The Love Note kit provides opportunity for a quick response to someone grieving, a love note to a far away beau, an acknowledgment of a sibling’s birthday. The kit is about giving a moment to create something tangible that someone else will receive in the mail and hold in their hand. Anyone can send a thank you email. By taking the time to make a little perfect thing for whatever occasion, I feel like I am sending that person a hug, that it means something, that for a moment, when the envelope is opened, love pours into the hands of the receiver.

*Richard Farnsworth’s character Evo in the Movie Resurrection

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