Apr 9, 2018

Making Stuff - A Japanese Tea House, Part 2

This tea house is built at 1/24 scale. I am precisely following a YouTube tutorial to get the scale and style firmly in my head before branching out into my own creations.

The platform (made from jumbo craft sticks) is approximately 8" x 8" and each tea house is four tatami mats, each 3"x6" in size. My tatami mats are made from tiny dowels and felt.

Next come the walls of the back room: craft sticks glued together with posts in the corners to form a little box, leaving an opening for a door. Next time I do this, I will put in tiny shelves before assembling the back room, and I've already got a couple of teeny tiny books somewhere in my stash.

The little door is calling out for a curtain - the first use of one of my fabrics with teeny tiny designs.

While the back room is drying, I started the six little shoji screen doors, which will slide on little tracks.


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