Apr 19, 2018

Making Stuff - Japanese Teahouse #6

To make this roof I used craft or popsicle sticks, large and jumbo. Even with a tiny miter box it is hard to make perfect cuts. Balsa is so soft it kind of crumbles on the ends. And Basswood needs a surprising amount of muscle.
As you can see by the pile of debris, tiny slices are the way to go. Carving tiny sticks to create joists takes patience, good motor skills and very sharp blades. It is also a testament to my hobby motto, "No Hurry."  Waiting for glue to dry is like watching grass grow. Or watching someone play golf. Soon I'll need two projects going at the same time to ease my frustration. Once my mind gets on an idea, the fingers become like little machines, ready to go - tiny tools, yee haw!

I altered the final roof line and materials. The tutorial called for a piece of fake leather to simulate the roof, but since my joins weren't exactly straight, I thought they might be hidden better with a wood rooftop.

The roof will not be glued down and will just sit on top of the structure, so if the mood strikes to make interior detail, it can be approached from above and not through the sliding doors. 


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