Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Making Stuff - Planning a Shaman's Tipi

 These plans for a Plains Indian tipi are printed across twelve 8.5x11 sheets of paper to make the tipi below at 1/24 scale. The interior is about 10 inches in diameter and the cone top is at about 15 inches. Notice how the front slopes, which is part of the elegant design to keep the smoke (emanating from the fire pit in the middle) moving up and out of the smoke holes at the top.

The opportunities for making tiny things for a weenie tipi are endless, so endless, it kept me awake last night until I surrendered, turned on the light and scribbled all this down.

Here my list of items to make for the Shaman's Tipi:
threading pins
stack of wood
fire pit
rug - woven or felt
bed - fur (fake)
beaded bag
talking stick
blanket (woven or knitted)
back rests
walking stick
clay bowls
pots/hanging kettle
smudge fan
sage wand

Of course, a canoe. Any self-respecting shaman would have his own canoe.

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